Thursday, 27 December 2012


A lot of the gifts I received this year ran along a theme..


The girls have finally begun to lay this week, so all in good time. They received meal worms and a mirror as gifts from me.

 Finally a decent tea strainer, put to good use already with cold & flu tea.

posh lambswool scarf & handmade angora gloves.


 Planning on growing all sorts of wonderful things next year.

Spoilt rotten with posh stuff - champagne, fortnum & mason's rose biscuits, a gold necklace & perfume.


  1. So glad they're laying! Are they tasty tasty eggs? Have you had any weird ones yet? - occasionally we used to get ones where the shell hadn't formed properly and it was like paper

    1. No weird ones yet! They are the best eggs ever :) They were a long time coming, after all!