Friday, 15 June 2012


I got my first Riverford vegetable box - I chose the seasons box (no potatoes) and extra avocados.
The only thing I can't eat is peppers (not shown), due to an intolerance, which I'm giving to my sister instead.
Combined with the paleo-friendly meat box I get from Devon Rose, I'm pretty sorted. I can use small shops for most of the other household things and hopefully avoid the supermarket as much as possible.

I've been slacking on photo blogging recently - I want to do a photo-a-day challenge to get back into it but the number of photo challenges I complete is considerably lower than the number I start. Completing doesn't have to matter though, I suppose. It will give me something to focus on other than food, which seems to have become the main theme for this blog.

I should be in bed. I am going to a hen party tomorrow, where we are going to learn the dance to thriller, have a meal on a boat and then get hopelessly drunk. 

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