Thursday, 9 February 2012

hangover cures.
my favourite incenses.
home away from home.
She slept beneath a tree that night, sitting upright. She imagined she would 
have been scared for her life out in the open, for she was often terrified in 
her own room at home, even after double-locking the windows and 
covering the glass with quilts. Instead, she felt an odd calm spirit here in the 
wilderness. Was this the way people felt at the instant they leapt into rivers and 
streams? Was it like this when you fell in love, stood on the train tracks, went to 
a country where no one spoke your language? That was the country she was in 
most of the time, a place where people heard what she said but not what she 
meant. She wanted to be known, but no one knew her.

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